Office Fruit Delivery to Rowlett, Texas


WELLNESS DELIVERED TO THE EAST. ORCHARD At The OFFICE is very proud to serve our neighbors in Rowlett, a small-but-growing suburb in east Dallas. We're always glad to get the chance to provide office fruit delivery to the healthcare and industrial concerns that have set up shop here.


Fresh fruit basket in office kitchen with 1980's appliances



Population (estimated), 1980: 7500
Population (estimated), current: 60500
City Website: http://www.ci.rowlett.tx.us/
ZIP Code(s) 75030, 75088, 75089


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DOING OUR BEST FOR A RESILIENT TOWN. On December 26, 2015, a category EF4 tornado ripped through Rowlett, injuring many citizens and damaging many homes. The community outpouring of support was immense, and the people of Rowlett persevered, refusing to be defined or deterred by the disaster. This is the best of example of the Texas Tradition, and ORCHARD At The OFFICE salutes all those who overcame adversity to make their patch of the world a better place.


With neighbors like these, it's only fitting that we in turn do our best, working diligently to source the finest-quality fresh fruit for delivery on a daily basis. We're proud to provide bananas, apples, pears, plums, citrus and seasonal offerings to business large and small in Rowlett and all the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex. Contact us today to join the healthy office movement!


City limit sign for Rowlett, Texas


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