Frequently Asked Questions

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You'd like to set up fresh fruit delivery online, or get to know more about our service? Great! Here's a guide to help you get started, or answer questions our regular customers may have. If you don't see the information you need, call 972.295.9091 and we'll be glad to be of assistance!














Where can I get office fruit delivery?

Anywhere in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex! We serve everyone from White Settlement to Wylie. Our page "Delivering to Dallas / Fort Worth" covers nearly all the communities we service. Check there if you're thinking "is there office fruit delivery near me?" We are also proud to introduce office fruit delivery to Houston! Contact us for availability questions. TOP


How often can we take delivery?

Most parts of D/FW and Houston can get fruit five days a week. If you need a special Saturday delivery, contact us and we can make arrangements.


As far as frequency goes, most of our customers order once or twice a week, though our bigger clients get fruit daily, whereas others order once per month or on a strictly "ad-hoc" basis. It's entirely up to you - we'll help you out in any way we can!TOP


What time can we expect delivery?

Nearly all of our deliveries take place between 7:00am and 1:00pm. If your location allows us access prior to 7:00am, let us know if the "customer notes" field and we will try to make arrangements for extra-early delivery.TOP


Can we split up our delivery over multiple floors or departments?

Of course! Just let us know how you would like the order to be split over the floors in the "Notes" field and we will make every effort to fulfill your request. If you need to borrow any of our trademark wicker baskets, let us know and we'll spot you some.TOP


The baskets the fruit comes in look really nice. What do we do with those?

Glad you asked! We recycle the wicker baskets. On our next delivery, we will take the empty basket from you and provide you with a nice new one full of fruit! So please let the staff know they're meant to be returned to avoid a replacement fee.


To learn more about our fantastic baskets, enjoy this fun, not-fact-filled page here!TOP



How do I determine how much I should order?

Obviously, every office is different, and we've found that consumption varies by industry. Feel free to call 972.295.9091 and we'll help you work things out. We never try to oversell: it's bad for our business if fruit goes uneaten, and we're sure the produce will sell itself! Our "Office Fruit Delivery" page gives a rough idea of how to get started, but the best way to begin is to assume 1.5 to 2.5 pieces of fruit per staff member per week, and ramp up from there if consumption warrants and budget allows.TOP


What fruit comes in the baskets or boxes?

You can click on each of our products to see a description of its contents. Our staple items are: Dole-brand bananas, premium JAZZ apples, Granny Smith, d'Anjou pear, oranges, seasonal varieties, and the ever-popular clementines. The proportion per basket/box is based on what is most popular among Texas offices. If you'd like more of the clementines and seasonals, we recommend our line of Premium offerings.TOP


Can we customize our order?

Absolutely! Our goal is to make sure your office is completely satisfied, so if you notice people are eating more of fruit X and less of fruit Y, let us know and we'll put together a package just for you! Even if it takes several weeks of micro-adjusting, we are totally committed to getting you the fruit guys and gals in your office will love!TOP


Do you do sell other things besides fruit?

While we are firm believers in "do one thing exceptionally well" - i.e. sell fruit - we do also offer Justin's All-Natural Nut Butters and Nature Nate's Honey. Justin's is a great company and we found offering some protein to go with the bananas, apples, etc. was very well-received, and Nature Nate's is a fantastic Dallas-based company which provides a wonderful product.TOP



Is there a contract we need to sign?

Never. ORCHARD At The OFFICE is certain our premium produce and superior customer service will sell itself, so you are never obligated to us. This means you can modify or increase your orders at any time as well!TOP


What sort of payment options do you offer?

Many of our customers pay by credit card, but others prefer to receive a monthly invoice, paying by check or electronic deposit. We're good with all these options!TOP


How much is the delivery fee?

The delivery fee is a nominal $5, and it's static - you can add as much as you want to your order, and the delivery fee remains the same!TOP


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What do I do to make a change to our recurring order?

Simply log in to your account, choose the delivery day, and then select "Recurring Orders". From there, make any changes you need, just as you did when creating your initial order. It's just that simple! If you have any difficulties, contact us and we'll help you out.TOP


We've got a special event coming up. Can I place a one-time order?

Of course! We're always happy to be of assistance in that regard. Whether it's a client conference, training seminar, health fair or annual event, we've got just the offering for you!


This page provides detailed instructions on adding a special order. If you're still having trouble, send an e-mail to getfruit@orchardattheoffice.com and we'll sort things out!TOP


Do y'all sell special gift baskets?

We will gladly deliver our offerings on your behalf to other companies. We do need them to be office locations, as with a residence we can't always know if the people will be home. If you'd like to set up such a delivery, use the contact form to let us know who it's for, what their address is, and if you'd like a handwritten card with a special message enclosed.TOP


We have offices in other parts of the country. Can we get fruit delivered to them?

Yes! We make arrangements to take care of the fruit delivery for your office so you don't have to. We can provide fresh fruit to offices in all the 48 contiguous states. Call us at 972.295.9091 to learn about the packages and pricing.TOP



How do I change our contact information?

All you have to do is log in to your account, choose your route(s), then select "Account Options" and you can go from there.


"But wait: I don't have the information to log in!" No problem. Just use our contact form or call us and we'll get everything straightened out for you. (And, really, if you just want to e-mail getfruit@orchardattheoffice.com and have us make the changes, we're happy to do it for you!)TOP


I need to update our credit card on file. How do I do that?

Obviously this is going to be a necessity periodically. We make it really easy! Just follow the instructions on our "Customer Payment Update Instructions" page.TOP


What's the process for switching to invoicing and/or paying via ACH?

If you use the "Customer Payment Update Instructions" page information, you'll see how to switch from credit card to invoicing. After that, just e-mail getfruit@orchardattheoffice.com to request a copy of a W9 if needed. If you'd like to pay via ACH transaction, send us any forms required as well.TOP


How do I get a copy of a receipt or invoice?

It's quite simple! Here's a page called "Printing Specific Invoices" which should help you out. If it doesn't, please e-mail getfruit@orchardattheoffice.com and our fantastic Finance Gurus will respond as quickly as possible.TOP




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