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Our Leadership

Kevin Long is our "Chief Banana". He has been committed to linking wellness and the workplace since his days as a director for a local advertising firm. He's been bringing premium-quality fresh fruit to D/FW Metroplex offices since 2010.

Chris Buchanan is our "Operations Wiseapple" who came aboard in 2012. He's a former music teacher with a business degree who works diligently to pound the drum of healthy snacking. 

Sowing Seeds: How ORCHARD At The OFFICE began

The idea for this company belongs to Kevin Long, our Chief Banana. Cast your mind, if you will, back to 2010. Ke$ha was on the satellite radio "singing" "TiK ToK" and Taio Cruz was lighting it up like it's dynamite. The popular show The Biggest Loser, in its ninth season, continued to inspire and motivate the nation to achieve its health and fitness goals, and insurance firms were increasingly incentivizing corporations to establish wellness programs such as smoking cessation, fitness challenges, and healthy snack alternatives, as a way to help everyone's bottom line, both figuratively and literally.

First delivery vehicle

Amidst all this, a native Texan named Kevin Long was employed as a director of an advertising firm in Dallas. Every week it was someone's duty to bring in the morning munchables - predictably, donuts and bagels. Now, few are those who would eschew a lovely glazed donut, but Kevin thought, "hey, what if we brought in something healthy, like bananas and apples? Everybody loves fresh fruit, and it seems everyone's trying to get healthy." And lo, he did just that, bringing in the bounty to the break room on "donut day", and the response was overwhelmingly positive. So much so, in fact, that Kevin partnered with Dennis McCart, left his organization, and soon they took their idea to office kitchens throughout the Metroplex.

On October 15, 2010, ORCHARD At The OFFICE took root. At first, it was a two-man operation, with Kevin and Dennis arriving at the farmers' markets sometimes before the agrarians themselves, then artfully arranging the yield and delivering it themselves to their "friends".

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Taking Root: ORCHARD At The OFFICE grows

ORCHARD At The OFFICE stemmed from a simple idea: delivering fresh fruit to offices throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. In their pioneering days, this necessitated Kevin and his partner, Dennis McCart, rising at hours that would make a bat groggy as they hit the farmers' markets as early as possible to prepare baskets for their friends. With the assistance of a small team of delivery drivers, ORCHARD At The OFFICE soon grew to the point where they could assert themselves as "North Texas' largest office fresh fruit delivery service".

In March of 2012, tragedy struck as Dennis passed away from a sudden myocardial infarction. His loss, and legacy, are still felt in the company today, as both bolstered Long's conviction that the mission of "healthy snack alternatives" is indeed vital to society's well-being.

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Bearing Fruit: ORCHARD At The OFFICE today and tomorrow

By May of 2015 we had expanded into Dallas, Fort Worth, and every suburb major and minor. Vans loaded with goodness depart each weekday ready to bring the freshest produce available to our smiling friends strewn hither and yon through our sprawling Metroplex. 

We've always customized our offerings, giving you more bananas if you ask, noticing if your staff isn't as crazy about the oranges and thus making proactive substitutions and so on. We consider the size and needs of companies of all sizes: the person operation in Irving who might like fresh fruit on a regular basis, or much larger organization in Plano putting together a wellness initiative. 

As we move forward, ORCHARD At The OFFICE looks for new ways to bring the mission of health and fitness to the fore. We've started bringing our fruit delivery service to Houston and seeing the smiles greet our drivers in new places provides heartwarming validation of our mission. Whether it be in the form of baskets our customers can send their clients or staff, our ongoing presence at health fairs and blood drives, we remain committed to creating a healthier, happier workplace for you.



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