Employees at a conference with a basket of fruit


START THE WEEK WITH A SMILE. "Yay! The fruit's here!" It's the heartwarming call we're always glad to hear when we arrive bearing fresh fruit. Staffers often crowd around the baskets and boxes to get a piece of the action, to consume immediately or keep at their desk when cravings strike later. It's healthy, it's handy...and it keeps everyone happy!

FRUITIFY YOUR CORPORATE EVENTS. Whether it's a wellness-oriented event such as a health fair or blood drive, or a grand opening for a new location, or employee-appreciation gathering, ORCHARD At The OFFICE can supply the fresh fruit needs for companies large and small. Call us at 972.295.9091 to ask about bulk ordering for gatherings of 200 folks or more - we will make your life easier by taking care of your fresh fruit needs!

KEEP PEOPLE FOCUSED IN PRODUCTIVITY SESSIONS. Our fruit baskets are ideal for any conference situation: executive board meetings, administrative pow-wows, brainstorming sessions. They look great and keep optimal glucose levels within arm's reach. They're also ideal for training classes, allowing students and teachers alike to keep hunger in abeyance and focus their thoughts and ideas on what really matters.

FRESH FRUIT FOR NO SPECIAL OCCASION. Sometimes it's good to bring in a treat for employee appreciation without any specific reason. Maybe once a month you'd like to do a Fresh Fruit Friday, or you'd like to participate in National Banana Lovers Day, or you'd just like to boost morale. With ORCHARD At The OFFICE, healthier bodies and wider smiles are just a bite away!


Happy office employees with fresh fruit



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