Clementines on display


NUTRITIOUS AND DELICIOUS. Clementines are tangerines that are easy to peel, sweet yet tart, and just juicy enough to quench one's thirst without making a mess all over your desk. One little clementine has 60% of the Vitamin C you'll need for the day, 25 grams of dietary fiber, and only 35 calories! They've become our most popular side item and it's easy to see why.


A proper "clementine" is a tangerine, but due to limited availablity in the warmer months the industry uses mandarin oranges, which are almost identical but have a slightly sweeter aftertaste. The name brands "Cuties" and "Halos" all do this - the fruits are generally considered interchangeable. There's even a variety called "W. Murcott" in there, which are a cross between a tangerine and a sweet orange.


These citrus delights come from a range of farms, from California all the way to Chile. We mean it when we say we scour the earth to provide the best possible produce for your office year-round!




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