Office Fruit Delivery to The Colony, Texas


GO BANANAS IN THE COLONY. So much is happening these days in the area around Frisco that The Colony is seeing its share of growth. As a consequence, businesses are moving there as well...and where there's business, there's hungry employees in need of something to munch on. ORCHARD At The OFFICE supplies those munchables that keep staffers happy and healthy!


Wicker fruit basket seated atop wooden office desk



Population (estimated), 1980: 11600
Population (estimated), current: 41800
City Website: http://www.thecolonytx.gov/
ZIP Code(s) 75056


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APPLES, BANANAS, AND CITRUS…OH MY! We want to make sure your office enjoys a wide-variety of top-quality produce to satisfy any appetite. So we go out of our way to stock Dole-brand bananas, Jazz apples, navel oranges, d'Anjou and Bosc pear, and other seasonal items. Want more of one item in particular? Just let us know. Be sure to check out our fantastic flavorful add-ons such as clementines, mangoes, grapefruit, and even avocados! If you'd like to add a little something special to your fruit as you're enjoying it, try packages of Justin's all-natural peanut butter or Nature Nate's raw honey. Sláinte!


Water tower for The Colony


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