Office Fruit Delivery to Lewisville, Texas


GOING BANANAS FOR THE FIGHTING FARMERS. ORCHARD At The OFFICE takes pride in supplying the variety of industries that have taken root in Lewisville. White or blue collar, our yellow bananas and red Jazz apples are a perfect match for everyone!


Fruit basket in front of office rock garden with waterfall



CITY DATA: Lewisville, TEXAS
Population (estimated), 1980: 24000
Population (estimated), current: 102000
City Website: http://www.cityoflewisville.com/
ZIP Code(s) 75029, 75057, 75067, 75077


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MEETING YOUR WELLNESS GOALS…ONE BITE AT A TIME. Looking to make the most of your wellness budget? ORCHARD At The OFFICE is here to help! We can assist companies of any size. If you’ve only got a handful of staffers, you might want our Mini Office Fruit Basket with perhaps an additional bag of our immensely-popular clementines. A standard office might opt for our Premium Half Office Select Box, maybe with some mangoes or avocados added. Big companies would probably prefer the “Greatest Value” special…maybe even with an added box of bananas.  Whatever your size or wellness goals, we’ve got you covered!


Lewisville ISD Outdoor Learning Area


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